• Women's Marching Woman Jean Jacket (V2)

  • We have created another version of our  popular Amelia Strong Jean Jacket. Version 2 comes in a faded wash Levi's Original Trucker Jacket with a hand-cranked chain stitched patch made by the women of Ft. Lonesome in Austin Texas. Includes our new enamel  Pin set : TSH Shield, TSH Flag, and the Marching Women!

    • 3 Pins (Shield, Flag, and Marching Women)
    • Hand embroidered Amelia Strong "Marching Woman" by Ft. Lonesome
    • Levi's Original Women's Trucker Jacket
    • Inspired by strong women marching for equality!

    Size Guide

    • X-Small: Chest 33" x Waist 26.25"
    • Small: Chest 35" x Waist 28.25"
    • Medium: 37" x Waist 30.25" 
    • Large: 39.5" x Waist 38.75"
  • $180.00

  • Women's Marching Woman Jean Jacket (V2)
  • Women's Marching Woman Jean Jacket (V2)

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