• Men's Chris King 40th Anniversary Jersey

  • A snake sheds its skin when it no longer has room to grow in its current form, when it's ready to jump to the next level of its existence. Humans are a little different; we shed our skin constantly, in an ever-present process of growth. But then, we also make for ourselves "skin" to wear, skin that we can use to mark epochs, to change how we present ourselves, to don colors and patterns that aren't native to our bodies. These jerseys that we wear when we ride our bikes are much easier to shed than a snakeskin, but like the beautiful patterns that serpents cover themselves with, they represent more than just functionality.
    Chris King Precision Components is forty years old, this year. Chris King Precision Components is an entity that we at Tenspeed Hero, a much younger entity, are thrilled to celebrate. From their impeccable craftsmanship to their dedication to their employees' welfare and lived experience, to the environment, and to the quality of every locally-made element: they knock our socks off. (And you know we have a lot of socks!)
    In honor of the achievement of four baller decades and as a token of our esteem, we here at TSH have teamed up with Chris King Precision Components to create a special jersey, to represent their achievement and to give you more TSH options to represent yourself, while riding. Inspired by designs of Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx, by recent travels in Brazil, and by elements we consider classic, we offer to you this 40 Year jersey. Available in sizes for men and for women, we are delighted to contribute again to the body of work that Chris King has created and curated. Designed in North America (aka Chicago) and created by our preferred Italian sources, we cannot wait to see you in this honorary Chris King Precision Components 40 year jersey.

    We made matching Socks and Water Bottles, too.


    • Slim Fit, 2 Super Lightweight Fabrics
    • Reinforced Hidden Zipper
    • Neck Guard
    • Extended Sleeve Length
    • Elastic Sleeve and Back Grippers
    • 3 Back Pockets + Zip Compartment
  • $50.00 $150.00

  • Men's Chris King 40th Anniversary Jersey
  • Men's Chris King 40th Anniversary Jersey
  • Men's Chris King 40th Anniversary Jersey
  • Men's Chris King 40th Anniversary Jersey

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