• "Don't Forget Your Tubes" Water Bottles

  • Have you ever gone on a long ride and forgotten a spare tube, a multi-tool or tire iron? We have! In fact over the course of a year and hundreds of trips we have forgotten just about everything but our bike. Where is my helmet?!?! Maybe it's because the world is complicated and sometimes you just want to jump on your bike with the same ease that one walks out the front door for stroll. This water bottle is here to remind you (with friendly smiles and a slightly awkward presta valve) to not forget the essentials! Also don't forget your water bottles! Hugs, TSH


     Made in the USA (Specialized Purist bottles).
    Note: Two Bottles Per Order (22 oz each)
    • BPA Free
  • $25.00

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  • "Don't Forget Your Tubes" Water Bottles
  • "Don't Forget Your Tubes" Water Bottles

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