• Navy Blue Sprinkles Socks

  • The joy and confidence of children can be astounding: they are wholeheartedly in the moment and unafraid to be themselves. This can lead to some of the more common frustrations associated with having kids around; learning to moderate our base instincts is a good thing. But being reminded of that purity of intention, of elemental feeling, as an adult: also a good thing.
    Mr. Kandinsky said “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” The colorful sprinkles on these socks bring to mind and soul the delight that we experienced as children, from confetti at a birthday party (before we were the ones who had to clean it up), from sprinkles on a Saturday morning donut (before we had to watch our waistlines), from the soothing rhythm of TETRIS blocks (before video games were so far down the line of to-dos that we never get around to them.)
    With these well-crafted and snugly-fitting socks, even we adults can enjoy little moments of freedom and self-expression. On our feet. After all, why should kids get all the cool socks? Let’s spread some joy and celebration, with our hosiery!
    6 Inch Cuffs. Made in the USA and designed by Lauren Ayers for TSH Resort.
  • $15.00

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  • Navy Blue Sprinkles Socks
  • Navy Blue Sprinkles Socks

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